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My first debut tobe a real mangaka!!

well, i just finished my drawings :) i think its not pretty well, but i'll try to more creative and accurate :D do you wanna see my projects?! alright, here they are: 1. This picture below is Tomoya Airi (from Love is Journey). 2. And the second picture below is Hoshiko Yuzu, Hazeki Yuuta, and Hoshiko Yumeto (from Love is Journey) HOW DO YOU THINK?! Please comment my draws ^^ well, i've made somecomics since i was 5th grader. my first manga is Spongebob and the my second manga is Mereketehe i was continue my project with my friend, called Dayani. we made a manga together. i think its not finished yet because we had final exams for 6th grader. i continue my study at the different school with her. so we lost contact :( and i made somecomics only by myself. ex: Japanese is British, Clan Knight, etc i think i will write a novel again. the tittle is CLAN KNIGHT i will tell you about this one someday! hohoho im tired :( i need to rest, i was wake up though :P hahaha im a sleeping beauty :) LOLs please add my facebook! hoshiko.yuzu@gmail.com Thank you!! haha =)

Love is Journey FIRST debut

Love is Journey is an online novel by: Yessica Maria

it launched on May 1st, 2oo9

It tells about a poor girl who is called Hoshiko Yuzu wants to marry Segawa Ryu, who is a popular actor in Japan.
Mr. Segawa (Ryu's father) is making a party only for Ryu.
Everygirls in Japan allowed to come. Segawa Akira, who is Ryu's cousin always get everything he wants.
Ryu always jealous, because his mom died just for helped Akira in the accident when they were seven years old.
Ryu is affraid to a lesbian in the school. She's name is Kaze Natsumi, who was helping Yuzu in the party.
Suddenly, Natsumi wants to be a normal girl when she seen Hazeki Yuuta.
Yuuta is Yuzu's childhood, who is still love Yuzu till now. Natsumi ended her relationship with Kairi because she fall in love to Yuuta, who was helping her when Ryu's fans punched her.
And then, Ryu accepted Yuzu tobe his fiance without any reason. So, Yuzu will continue her study in the same school as Ryu. It is Horikoshi Gakuen, a popular school in Japan.
One day, they all make a party for Yuzu and Ryu in the damn beautiful ship ever. Hoshiko Yumeto (Yuzu's younger brother), who got a cancer is sink beacuse of Ryu. So, Yuzu wants to help her brother. But, she can't swim. Akira and Yuuta was helping Yuzu.
Surprisingly, Ryu helps Yumeto and give him..
Blah.. Blah.. Blah..

If you are Indonesian, you may read it on this link


Segawa Ryu = Yamada Ryosuke
Segawa Akira = Okamoto Keito
Hazeki Yuuta = Nakajima Yuuto
Hoshiko Yumeto = Morimoto Ryutaro
Tanaka Shou = Chinen Yuuri
Hoshiko Yuzu = Yessica Maria
Kaze Natsumi = Dayani Octavia
Tomoya Airi = Patricia Kamajaya
Suzuki Aoki = Shida Mirai
Hoshiko Yuuki = Cindy Hyacyntha

well, thanks for your attention.
im really sorry if you don't understand. my english is so poor. i will practise it more and more!


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